Hire A San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer And DUI Attorney To help You Win Your Case

There is so much to see and do when living in the San Diego area. Yet if you are facing criminal charges or a DUI offense, chances are that you don’t want to see the city behind the bars of a jail cell especially if you are innocent of the crime.

Let San Diego Criminal Defense And DUI Attorney Victor Orsatti Handle Your Case

San Diego criminal defense lawyer Victor Orsatti at the San Diego Law Center understands California’s complex DUI and drug laws and has been successful in using these laws to the client’s advantage.  You need a top attorney who has a winning track record in fighting drug or DUI charges in the San Diego Courts.  One, who is aggressive, experienced in handling thousands of cases and who will fight for your freedom.

The San Diego Law Center handles every type of misdemeanor or felony case from DUI cases to serious drug crime matters. We also handle federal and juvenile cases. If your case is closed and you want your record cleared, attorney Victor Orsatti can do that as well.

You need a competent San Diego criminal defense lawyer or DUI lawyer to give you the facts about your case, advice on how to proceed, and develop a defense for your day in court. Never rely on an inexperienced lawyer who has a lack of knowledge about San Diego criminal law handle your case. Instead, contact Attorney Victor Orsatti at the San Diego Law Center to take on your case.

Types of criminal cases and law services we provide include:

  • Juvenile cases
  • Misdemeanor cases
  • DUI cases
  • Serious drug crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Felony cases
  • Federal cases
  • Family law services
  • Bankruptcy services
  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Probation violations
  • and many other practices

In addition to representing your case in a court of law, we can also help you with bail issues. If you have a loved one who was recently arrested but they cannot afford to pay the large bail amount and you can’t borrow the money from anyone, Attorney Victor Orsatti can help. We may be able to get your bail reduced or eliminated completely.

Don’t wait another minute before contacting a San Diego DUI lawyer or a San Diego criminal defense lawyer for your case. The longer you wait, the greater the chance you will miss an important deadline or lose out on your legal rights. Call us today at 619-933-4688 to schedule a free consultation as we will review your case and give you the best options on how to protect your rights and win against the charges.

If English is not your first language, we can still provide you legal services whether you speak Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese. We are bilingual in many languages and will give you the appropriate legal advice in your native language. Call us at 619-278-8922 for a Spanish legal representative or 619-981-3853 for a Vietnamese or Chinese legal representative today.

If a loved one has recently been arrested and the bail is more than you can afford, call the San Diego Law Center. We may be able to get the bail reduced or even eliminated completely.

Our law firm is here to help. Call the San Diego Law Center at 619-933-4688 to schedule a free consultation. We speak Spanish (619 278-8922), Vietnamese and Chinese (619 981-3853) and can provide legal services in these languages. You can also have your loved one call us collect from jail so we can answer all their questions directly.

If you’re thinking of hiring the best lawyer, don’t wait! You could miss an important deadline or lose valuable legal rights. Victor Orsatti with the San Diego Law Center will answer all your questions and explain all of your options in a quiet, comfortable surrounding.

San Diego criminal attorney Victor Orsatti has a reputation in the legal community for honesty and intensity as an unwavering commitment to his clients. Make sure you have experience and the best attorneys on your side. Choosing the criminal attorneys at The San Diego Law Center to represent you is one of the most important choices you will ever make.